British press ‘shock’ claims…”Man United manipulates public opinion with false reports to sell”

 It has been revealed that Manchester United gave false news to increase the sale price.

The Glazer family, which took over and run Manchester United in 2006, is a target of criticism from Manchester United fans. The Glazer family focused only on the commercial value of Manchester United, not on running a football club. He made huge profits through Man United, but was indifferent to the management of the club.

Things got even worse after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, who led Manchester United for 27 years. Masters such as David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and José Mourinho have taken the helm of Manchester United, but none have succeeded. Recently, the team has changed. After Eric ten Hag took over, Manchester United began to rebound.

At the same time, the Glazer family released a statement last November. Manchester United said, “We will seek change while listening to various proposals for the club, such as new investments and sales.” Manchester United fans cheered at the news that the club could be sold depending on the situation. 온라인바카라

World-class companies also showed interest in the possibility of acquiring Manchester United. News has spread that Apple, Amazon and the like could become the new owners of Man Utd.

However, suspicions were raised that Manchester United directly invented the link with the global company. The British ‘Football Insider’ said on the 24th (Korean time), “The media confirmed that Manchester United’s acquisition informants spread and spread false reports that deals with several attractive companies could be world-class.”

“Amazon and Facebook didn’t show interest in buying Man United for a moment. I also heard claims that it was an organized move to show Manchester United’s status.” If the media reports are true, it is expected that Manchester United was trying to increase the sale price through this method.

Recently, there have been people who actually show interest in taking over Manchester United. A spokesperson for INEOS, a British chemical company run by James Ratcliffe, said on the 18th that it had participated in the takeover process of Manchester United. With an asset of 32 trillion won, he has been known as a Manchester United fan since he was a child and owns the football teams Nice (France) and Lausanne Sport (Switzerland).

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