Brighton Lee Geum-min, “I’m looking forward to it more because it’s England’s first game”

Lee Geum-min, who is playing for Brighton W, will participate in the Arnold Clark Cup. I am determined to make good use of this opportunity and bring about good results in the World Cup.

The Korean women’s national team, led by head coach Colin Bell, will face England in the first leg of the Arnold Clark Cup held at Stadium MK in Milton Keynes, England on the 17th at 4:45 am (Korean time). South Korea is 15th in the FIFA rankings, and England is 4th.

2023 is a very important year for the women’s national team. This is because the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup will be held in July. The women’s national team earned a ticket to the 2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand스포츠토토 Women’s World Cup by finishing runner-up in the 2022 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Women’s Asian Cup.

Ahead of the World Cup, he seized a valuable opportunity. The Arnold Clark Cup is played in turn against England, Belgium (#20 in the FIFA rankings) and Italy (#17 in the FIFA rankings). The women’s national team is expected to step up preparations for the World Cup by facing European powerhouses through this match.

With the first match against England imminent, the Korea Football Association (KFA) shared an interview with Lee Geum-min on the 15th. Lee Geum-min, who plays for Brighton, promised her victory by conveying her determination to face European powerhouses.

[Hereinafter, interview with Lee Geum-min]

Q1. How do you feel about facing strong teams like England, Italy and Belgium?

A1, I’m looking forward to it because my first game is England. I also know that the tickets for the game are sold out. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of play our team will play with a better look than before in a large crowd.

Q2. There must be players who have competed together as overseas players. Is there a player to be especially wary of?

A2. All English players are good and have their own style, so it is difficult to point out just one. All players have their strengths.

Q3. How do you feel facing England as a member of Brighton?

A3. I know the strengths of each player because they are players who have played together in the league. We plan to share information about our opponents with our players so that they can help our team.

Q4. What kind of play is needed to show an advantage against a physically strong opponent?

A4. Korean players are agile and delicate in handling the ball. I think this can create a good opportunity in competition with opponents.

Q5. From Park Eun-seon to Chun Ga-ram, players with various ages and characteristics were selected for the attacking team. How will it affect the national team?

A5. Young players are active, run a lot, and play creatively. I think these things are bringing change to our team. Also, Eunseon unnie’s physicality makes me think that there are players like this in Korea when other teams see it. Existence itself is a huge advantage.

Q6. Preparations for the World Cup have begun in earnest. It seems that there will be an extraordinary resolution and mindset ahead of the third World Cup.

A6. Time is running out. I want to finish well for the rest of the period and bring good results in the World Cup. I really want to break the record set by the women’s national team.

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