‘Blue One Deja Vu’ beats 22~bottom Hana Card and TS Shampoo to go to PO

Hana Card lost 2-4 in the first game in the Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League semi-playoff (PO, best-of-three matches) against TS Shampoo and Puradak Heroes held at Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang, Gyeonggi on the 17th, but lost 4 in the second game. With a -3 come-from-behind victory, a total of 2 wins and 1 loss confirmed the PO line against the Blue One Angels, who are second in the regular league (Best of 5).

The PBA Team League PO and Semi-PO are held in a unique way, with the top team in the regular league starting with one win first. On this day too, Hana Card gave TS Shampoo the first game in an advantageous situation in which it had accumulated ‘advantage one win’ first, allowing a tie, but dramatically won the second game and paved the way to PO.

Hana Card will clash with the Blue One Angels at 3 p.m. on the 18th for tickets to the championship match. This time, we will play in a relatively unfavorable position to take one loss first.

Attention is focusing on whether the ‘February Madness’ led by the Blue One Angels last season will be repeated. Blue One overcame the sluggishness in the first half, won the second half league, and managed to join the postseason토토사이트. After that, they beat NH Nonghyup Card Green Force in JunPO and Crown Haitai Raon in PO to rise to the championship match.

This season, Hana Card ranked first in the first half of the regular league last fall (12 wins and 9 losses) and confirmed its advance to the postseason early on, but started the postseason in third place due to poor performance in the latter league.

In the first set of men’s doubles, Quoc Nguyen and Kim Byeong-ho paired off a 7-point high run to start the first match comfortably by beating their opponent Lim Seong-kyun-Kim Im-kwon 11-4. However, after splitting two sets, Philippos Kasidocostas (Greece) lost 2-11 to TS Lim Seong-gyun in the second men’s singles match, and in the women’s singles that followed, Kim Jin-ah also lost to Mi-rae Mi-rae 1-9, set 2-4. gave up the first round with

In the 4th set mixed doubles, where they trailed 1-2 in sets, the pair of Shin Jeong-ju and Kim Jin-ah beat Kim Jong-won and Yong Hyun-ji 9-6 to balance Hana Card. In the last 7 sets, Nguyen and Kim Ga-young recorded 1 loss and 1 win over Lim Seong-gyun and Lee Mi-rae, respectively, in a set 3-3 situation.

Shin Jeong-joo, who came out as the last runner, became the hero of JunPO. Shin Jeong-joo played a decisive role in correcting Hana Card’s PO move, which almost slipped into a side road, by turning Kim Nam-soo around 11-4, adding two points with a splendid giant slalom following three rounds of backwards and two forwards. .

Shin Jeong-ju, who saved the team from a crisis in the last set after the 4th set, said after the game, “I feel like 10 years old. With the 5th set ahead, (Kim) Ga-yeong noona said, “(I’ll go to the full set) get ready. I have to pay for the meal,’ he said. Actually, I wanted to avoid the 7th set, but I really wanted to win because I thought the team would be eliminated.” We will do our best in the playoffs,” he said.

The PBA Team League postseason is broadcast live and recorded on TV through Billiards TV, MBC Sports Plus, SBS Sports, PBA & GOLF, and IB Sports, and is also broadcast on YouTube (PBA TV, Billiards TV) Naver, Kakao TV, and Afreeca TV. The match is broadcast live.

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