Birth of ‘Rookie Baduk Heroes’

Joa Pharmaceuticals created the Rookie Baduk Heroes’ Game as a stage for the growth of new players. The 1st Joa Pharmaceutical Cup Rookie Baduk Hero Match takes its first step starting with the A-Ma selection on the 13th.

The Rookie Baduk Hero Match is a tournament in which the Rookie Baduk League (2018-2022), which was operated as a team league, has been transformed into a tournament. This tournament, which targets 49 professional players and amateur players born after 2004, determines the first winner in the amateur selection, professional preliminary, and quarterfinal tournament stages.

The first gateway, the Ama selection, will be held for two days on the 13th and 14th. Eight amateur players who have passed the preliminary round are given the right to participate in the professional preliminary round.

In the pro preliminary round, which will be held following the opening ceremony on the 7th of next month, six finalists will be selected. The six selected will continue to compete for the first championship by holding a quarterfinal tournament with two sponsors seeded. Sponsor seed will be announced after the preliminary round.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, popular Twitch streamer Cheol-Myeon Soo-Shim (Kim Jong-Soo) will join as a relay team to add a different kind of fun with witty talk.

For the first time in a domestic competition, you can check the two matches in the quarterfinals of the finals with popular Twitch streamers on the Go TV YouTube channel. The quarterfinals and finals will be broadcast live on Go TV.

The prize money for the 1st Joa Pharmaceutical Cup Rookie Baduk Hero Match, sponsored by Choa Pharmaceutical and hosted and supervised by Korea Kiwon, is 10 million won for the winner and 5 million won for the runner-up. The time limit is 20 minutes, followed by 20 seconds of extra time, the Fisher method.

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