Bauer taunted Houston sign stealing… The temptation of 900 million won? The dream of ML life extension

Will Trea Bauer (32) disappear from the major leagues like this?

After being kicked out of the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 7th (Korean time), Bauer seems calm on the outside. If you look at Twitter on the 10th (Korean time below), he still actively communicates with people. He posted a video explaining how to throw a cutter to baseball fans, and the reaction wasn’t bad.

However, Bauer is in danger of forced retirement. If no team makes a claim by the 14th, the contract is transferred to the Dodgers minor league club or released. The reaction of the American media was cold. There is a prevailing atmosphere that you should not sign a contract with Bauer, who is surrounded by all kinds of eccentricities and allegations of sexual assault. The Dodgers, of course, will release Bauer after a week.

In this situation, it was argued again that there would be a team interested in Bauer. According to a report from Fanside on the same day, former major leaguer Trevor Ploof appeared on the MLB podcast talk, Baseball, and predicted that the Houston Astros would take some interest in Bauer. 스포츠토토

“He thinks there are teams he really wants to compete with,” said Fluff, a former Minnesota Twins infielder. Former major league pitcher David Condo said, “Bauer is an elite pitcher when he is healthy.” However, Cohn predicted that any team that recruits Bauer could face a PR and media disaster.

Fanside is also basically negative about extending Bauer’s life in the major leagues. “It goes without saying that signing Bauer isn’t the right thing right now,” he said, “Last weekend, he was connected to Houston. Houston lost Justin Verlander (New York Mets) this offseason, and will need a veteran pitcher at some point to fill the rotation void. From a pure pitcher’s point of view, Bauer makes sense.”

The problem is that Bauer openly mocked Houston’s 2017 sign-stealing World Series championship while with the Cincinnati Reds in 2020. At that time, Bauer wore spikes with a trash can model in the game against Houston, and pitched after taking a motion that seemed to show signs to opponent hitters.

Bauer is the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner. His track record is clear. A team looking to sign Bauer needs only $720,000 (about 900 million won). Will Houston really try to recruit the geek who mocked them? Wait a few more days and you will see the results.

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