Baseball team players, power analysis with tablet PC ‘Hyeolgong’

With the opening of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) on the 18th, Korean national baseball players are using tablet PCs to analyze the strength of competing countries.

Kim Jun-gi, a power analyst who has studied the countries to face in the first round of Group B, such as Australia and Japan, and a video and data analysis agent contracted by the KBO Secretariat arrived in Tucson, Arizona, USA, the base camp of the national team, on the 18th (Korean time). .

After training on the 19th, the national team listens to Commissioner Kim’s analysis briefing at the lodging before having dinner, with coach Lee Kang-cheol, coaches, and all players participating.

Commissioner Kim explained, “We plan to focus on analyzing Australia’s strength in the first leg of the finals, which must be defeated to advance to the semifinals.”

The KBO Secretariat has already provided coaches with tablet PCs containing data on the power analysis of competing countries, and handed out tablet PCs to players in line with Commissioner Kim’s briefing.

Just as you play with your hands every day and learn the feel of the WBC official ball, you should watch the videos of Australian players on your personal tablet PC and keep them in your eyes.

Director Lee said, “There is nothing better than watching videos often in a situation where you don’t know your opponent well,” and looked forward to the power analysis briefing prepared by the KBO Secretariat and Commissioner Kim.

This is the second time since Premier12 in 2019 that the KBO Secretariat has given national team players a tablet PC containing various analysis 카지노data and video data.

The KBO Secretariat also created a new position called quality control (QC) coach to enhance the value of power analysis and convey it well to players, and entrusted coach Shim Jae-hak with a heavy responsibility.

After the power analysis committee member and the video/data analyst process the data first, Coach Sim lectures the players on how to apply it to the actual situation based on this.

However, in the WBC finals, tablets, which are electronic equipment, cannot be brought into the dugout during the game, so players and coaches must be familiar with the countermeasures in advance and participate in the game.

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