‘Baseball One-hit Instructor’ Park Chan-ho, a two-much talker, ‘Reconstruction of sincere conversation with Gu Chang-mo’

In the 2006 WBC Korea-Japan match, the man who roared as he caught Ichiro, a Japanese baseball hero, with a floaty ball in a one-point match in the bottom of the 9th inning!

As the first Korean major leaguer, he built a golden pagoda with the most Asian wins (124 wins), and added 1 win in Japan and 5 wins in Korea, adding a total of 130 wins in Korea, the US and Japan.

Park Chan-ho returns as a KBS commentator.

During the first WBC tournament, the final scene of catching Ichiro with a fly ball and roaring at Tokyo Dome, the heart of Japan, was the pride of Korean baseball itself.

Ahead of the WBC, which will be held again 17 years later, Park Chan-ho has appeared on the pitch since his national team’s first practice match against NC.

KBS commentator Park Chan-ho, who appeared promising a luxury commentary instead of a heavy fastball, greeted the national team’s head coach Lee Kang-cheol, and then spoke with pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong about the characteristics of the opposing team, saying, “Japanese hitters tended to hit closely at bats.” We talked from

When the WBC national team won 8-2 against NC, Commissioner Park Chan-ho recalled the experience of catching Ichiro and emphasized confidence to his juniors.

Commissioner Park said, “The best pitch on the mound is to throw a strike from the first pitch and pitch aggressively,” and cheered sincerely,온라인바카라 saying, “You have to have confidence.

Park Chan-ho has already advised Ha-seong Kim, a key player in the WBC and his junior from San Diego, on how to take care of his body and prepare for the tournament.

Commissioner Park also reconstructed and delivered a conversation with left-handed ace Koo Chang-mo, a prospect for this tournament.

“(Old) Changmo, what is your best pitch? I asked, and the answer came back that it was a fastball, so I asked again, what is the best pitch on the mound?”

Shortly thereafter, Park recalled the memory of advising him, “The best pitch on the mound is the first pitch strike!” and reconstructed the conversation between the Korean Express and Koo Chang-mo and told the reporters.

Commissioner Park Chan-ho will once again hold the KBS microphone following the Tokyo Olympics and meet with viewers at the WBC, where the world’s best stars gather.

Commissioner Park Chan-ho promised a friendly and professional commentary, saying that the WBC tournament has a special meaning to him.

Park Chan-ho, a Korean special express who will grab the KBS microphone and play together, and Park Chan-ho, who will play an active role as a national baseball instructor, will visit baseball fans in March with rich experience and passion.

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