Ball ball ball frustration? ’21-year-old’ experiencing growing pains, prospective left-hander from the Qing Dynasty learns and grows through failure

“Learning and growing through failure.”

Lotte Giants manager Larry Sutton believes that third-year left-hander Kim Jin-wook (21) will learn and grow more in the future. He also quoted Michael Jordan, the ‘Basketball Emperor’ of American professional basketball, saying, “You shouldn’t be afraid of failure.”

Kim Jin-wook took the mound at the end of the 7th inning when the team was trailing 1-3 in the first game of the season against SSG held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 4th. He was the team’s third pitcher.

He gave up a walk to first batter Choi Joo-hwan and a walk to foreign hitter Heredia who entered the next at-bat. After that, Hanyu Island pinch hitter Choi Sang-min was given a send-off bunt, and he was driven into a crisis with 1 company, 2nd and 3rd base. He also gave up a walk to Park Seong-han.

bases crisis. In the end, Kim Jin-wook passed the mound to Kim Sang-soo. The game was stopped due to rain and ended in a cold game loss, but if it wasn’t for the rain, Lotte could have made a lot of runs in the 7th inning.

Concerns grew over Kim Jin-wook’s first appearance. He was evaluated as a ‘super high school level’ pitcher when he was in Gangneung High School. He was praised for his excellent pitching and good control of the game. But coming to his pro, he’s not showing his mettle.

Director Sutton had a different idea. Coach Sutton wrapped up, saying, “He is a player in the process of growing.” Sutton added, “All pitchers, not just Kim Jin-wook, go through growing pains.” At the same time, he talked about the mindset of young pitchers to grow one step further.

Sutton said, “For pitchers to grow further, they must first recognize that ‘I can’t be perfect all the time’. Second, it is important to learn that ‘Managing the game with the ball combination is more important than throwing perfectly’.” 안전놀이터

Different leaders may have different opinions, but Sutton’s opinion is so. At the same time, director Sutton said, “Kim Jin-wook is in the process of learning those things.”

Kim Jin-wook is definitely a player with good skills. However, he experienced failure at a young age. If this experience is repeated, the person has no choice but to be intimidated.

So, Sutton said, “Everyone, including players who are lagging in the American minor leagues, will face obstacles. At this time, fear may arise and it may be passive. You may be scared. But he has to be able to break through.”

Director Sutton continued, “You have to go through that to gain confidence. He also gets the idea that ‘it’s okay for me to fail’. Then he will be able to learn more and he will be more confident,” he added.

Director Sutton believes that Kim Jin-wook has enough potential. “Kim Jin-wook is still a young player. He is also a player with a bright future.” “His experience of success is very important. I agree on that point. But he learns by failing and grows by failing. He shouldn’t be afraid to fail. In Michael Jordan’s documentary, Jordan said, ‘I was able to shoot like that because I’ve failed thousands of times.’

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