‘B3.League Combined Championship · B2.League Promotion’ Jeon Jun-jun “I learned how to deal with basketball”

 Jeon Jeon (25, 181.6cm) finished his first season in Japan with a combined championship.

Iwate Big Bulls, to which Jeon Jeon belongs, won 81-72 in the third round of the B3 League 2022-2023 season playoff final against Veltex Shizuoka held at Morioka Takaya Arena, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan on the 8th and lifted the championship trophy. After finishing the regular league in first place with 45 wins and 7 losses, they won the playoff championship and achieved a combined victory. They also achieved promotion to the B2.League.

Hyung Jun Jeon moved from Seoul Samsung to Seoul SK in February and joined Iwate in March. He averaged 12 minutes, 5 seconds, 2.3 points and 1.0 assists in 3 appearances in the regular league. Although the playoffs did not take much time due to injury, it contributed to promotion to the B2. League, which was the goal before heading to Iwate.

Jeon Hyung-jun said, “I went through a lot of hardships this season as I moved to various teams, but I am even more happy that I won the championship in the end. He learned a lot about basketball attitudes from his teammates in Japan. He looked back on the season, saying, “I tried to remember all the parts while taking notes during the video meeting, and filled in what I lacked on my own before and after the exercise.”

Although it was a short time, Jeon Jeon played in the KBL and B3 leagues and felt the difference between each league. The various experience points he gained from it made Jeon Jeon grow one step further.

Jeon Jeon Jun said, “KBL provided meals at the club, but in Japan, each meal had to be taken care of, so there were some difficulties. At first, it was nice to go around and eat at various restaurants, but that was short-lived. Team training is once a day, so it was nice to be able to invest in the time I personally manage.”토스카지노

“Since two foreign players play together, scoring in the paint zone was more difficult than KBL. Also, the schedule was very different. In Japan, back-to-back games are unconditionally played on weekends, and there are cases where they are played on Saturday evenings and Sundays during the day, so it was difficult to adapt.”

Thanks to the active help of his colleague, Jeon Jeon was able to make life in Japan easier. He built a bond by spending time together outside of training. Jeon Hyung-jun said, “There is also an interpreter, and the captain and hyungs who are good at English took good care of him and talked to him a lot. There were days when he invited me to his house and cooked for me. Thanks to that, I was able to quickly become friends with him.”

Jeon Jeon, whose contract with Iwate was terminated, obtained his first FA (free agent) qualification. His destination has not yet been determined. Jeon Hyung-joon said, “If there is a team that calls me or a team that wants me, I want to do my best wherever I am.”

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