Asia’s strongest weightlifters gather in Jinju

The Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships, the first international sports event in the western Gyeongsang region, will be held in Jinju from today (3rd) to the 13th.

About 270 athletes from 37 countries, the largest ever, will gather to compete for the right to participate in next year’s Paris Olympics.

This is reporter Park Ki-won.


Preparations for the opening ceremony and equipment checks are in full swing at the weightlifting arena.

The 2023 Asian Weightlifting Championships, the first international sports event held in the western region of Gyeongnam, will be held in Jinju until the 13th.

About 270 players from 37 countries participated, making it the largest event ever.

[Sony/Indonesian Weightlifting Federation Vice President: “Korea hosts a lot of international competitions. I think this competition will go well.”]

Tension is already rising in the training ground.

[“One. Go up one more. One.”]

With ranking points at stake to advance to the finals of next year’s Paris Olympics, the determination of the athletes holding the barbell is exceptional.

[Soundbite] Jeon Yong-seong/National Weightlifting Team Head Coach : “For domestic athletes, it will be a good test stage for next year’s Olympics by setting better records domestically than abroad.”] The list of

contestants is also impressive.

After the retirement of weightlifting queen Jang Mi-ran, China’s Li Won-won, who dominated the women’s heavyweight division, was named.

In our national team, Son Young-hee and Park Hye-jeong challenged themselves to become the strongest.

[Soundbite Son Young-hee/Weightlifting Representative/Busan Sports Association] : “As we prepare for the Olympics, all matches are important, so we will do our best to prepare for this match as well.”] Our athletes do not need to adjust to jet lag, which is an advantage


[Soundbite] Yoon Ha-je/National weightlifting representative/Gimhae City Hall member : “I’m trying to show a good performance as much as the event will be held in Gyeongnam. I’m greedy for medals, but I’m aiming for a personal record without injury.”] The Asian Weightlifting Championships in Jinju will be held tomorrow안전놀이터

( Starting with the opening ceremony on the 4th, matches will continue every day from the day after tomorrow (the 5th).

Our national team embarked on an 11-day fight with the goal of winning medals in at least two weight classes.

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