Albano, who led DB’s attack, is the leader of th

Albano’s performance was outstanding. 

Ahead of the start of this season, KBL decided to expand the Asian quota system to include Filipino players. At first, there were doubts, but after the first half, the Filipino players showed great performance.

In Anyang KGC, which ranked first in the league, Lens Abando (188cm, G) filled the vacancy of Jeon Seong-hyeon (188cm, F), and in Changwon LG, which was second in the league, Justin Gutang (190cm, F) adapted to the team and added vitality to the team. Third place Ulsan Hyundai Mobis’ Ronjay Avarientos (181cm, G) led the Philippine craze. And DB’s Lee Seon Albano (184cm, G) is also an indispensable player in the Philippine craze.

Albano is averaging 13.4 points, 5.3 assists and 3.7 rebounds this season. His shooting success rate is disappointing, but he is definitely the most important player in the DB. 

Albano missed two games in the first half. However, compared to other DB key players, he missed relatively few games. This was the reason DB was able to hold on even though Doo Kyung-min (184cm, G), Kang Sang-jae (200cm, F), and Dewan Hernandez (208cm, C) were often absent.

Albano showed the hottest performance in the first round. At the time, he was active with two kyungmins. There were synergy issues between the two players, but the firepower of the two players was great. Albano recorded 14.8 points, 5.4 assists and 3 rebounds in the first round. The 3-point shot success rate was 39% and the field goal success rate was 44%. At that time, DB recorded 6 wins and 3 losses, including 5 consecutive wins. 카지노

However, as time went on, DB’s player base became thinner. As a result, the focus on Albano naturally intensified. However, Albano continued to perform well despite his intensive checks. Although his outside shot was disappointing compared to the first round, other things helped the team a lot. In particular, in the two games of the 4th round, he recorded an average of 8 assists and also showed the appearance of a ‘pass master’.

Unlike other players, Albano took a complete break in the All-Star game. He did not play in the main game, and he did not play in the 3-point contest or 3 on 3. In other words, he was able to get more rest than other players. The more rested he gets, the more energy he needs to radiate on the court.

In particular, he has to raise the field goal success rate that has fallen over time. In the first round, Albano recorded 44% field shooting success rate and 39% 3-point shooting success rate. However, in the second round, he had a field shooting success rate of 40.8% and a three-point shooting success rate of 27.5%. In the 3rd round it fell further. He had a 39.8% field goal success rate and a 23.5% three-point shot success rate. Even in the 4th round, he had a 36% field goal success rate and a 20% 3-point shot success rate. It is Albano’s field goal success rate that has continued to drop over time.

Attention is focusing on whether Albano, who had a break, will be able to show off a sharp shot again in the second half.

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