Aftermath of Kim Tae-gun’s transfer? ‘Starting in all games’ Kang Min-ho, replaced during the game due to back discomfort “to protect the player”

Samsung Lions catcher Kang Min-ho was replaced during the game.

Kang Min-ho started as the 5th catcher in the 6th game of the season against KIA held at Champions Field in Gwangju on the 12th.

He led starter Won Tae-in and had a scoreless streak of 2 innings. In the first at-bat hit by 2 outs 1st and 2nd base in the 1st inning, it was a fly ball.

However, he was replaced by Kim Jae-seong in the bottom of the 3rd inning as he was ahead of the defense. Samsung explained, “It is a replacement for player protection due to minor back discomfort during defense.”

After Kim Tae-goon’s transfer, Kang Min-ho has struggled by starting all matches.스포츠토토

Coincidentally, Won Tae-in allowed Park Chan-ho a high changeup from 1B2S after one out in the third inning, immediately after Kang Min-ho was replaced, and allowed a solo home run.

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