After the men’s division, the women’s division also ‘absent march’… sluggish tryout

A face-to-face tryout for foreign players, the first in four years since the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). However, after the men’s division, the women’s division also lost steam as several players who received attention did not participate.

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) foreign player tryouts have been held non-face-to-face for the past three years. This is because the sky is blocked by Corona 19 and the immigration process has become more difficult due to quarantine measures.

When the government’s quarantine guidelines were eased, KOVO switched to face-to-face tryouts and chose a location in Europe. For the men’s team, foreign players have already been selected for the Turkiye Istanbul Hasan Doan Sport Complex. The women’s division started on the 11th.

An opportunity to see and select players in person. However, the players who had high expectations were absent, leaving a disappointment.

José Masso (Cuba), who was considered the biggest player in the men’s division, never showed up on the court.

A positive spiker with a height of 204 cm, Maso has been highly evaluated by many clubs ahead of this tryout. An analysis followed that it was a similar type to Keita Noumori (Verona), the’Mali Express’ that conquered the V-League.

Due to the schedule of his team, Sporting Clube de Portugal, Masso was originally scheduled to appear on the final day of the tryout without appearing in the practice match that took place from the 6th to the 7th. However, he was eventually notified of his absence.

In the end, 4 clubs in the men’s division signed new contracts with existing players, and only 3 clubs entered the draft. And Yosbani Hernandez (Cuba) and Ahmed Iqbairi (Libya), who have experience in the V-League, were nominated by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Hyundai Capital, respectively, and Woori Card called Matei Kok (Slovenia). In fact, there is only one new face, Matei Kok.

The women’s part is more serious. Five players, including Sheridan Atkinson (USA), Helen Russo (Belgium), and Indre Sorokaite (Italy/Lithuania), who were highly favored by the club, notified their absence.

Atkinson was preparing for the V-League as a member of the Korea Expressway Corporation in the 2019-20 season, but was knocked out of the power due to an injury and knocked on the Korean stage again after 4 years. Russo has experienced the V-League as a member of Hyundai E&C.토토사이트

Atkinson was evaluated as the biggest language in this women’s tryout. Regardless of the order, the nomination was classified as a strong player. However, Atkinson never showed up in front of the clubs.

The annual salary of foreign male players is $400,000 including tax, and $250,000 for women. Most of the players participating in the tryout are receiving salaries much lower than this. In fact, they go to tryouts dreaming of the ‘Korean Dream’.

Naturally, there is no choice but to follow the evaluation that the skills of the players are below expectations. Clubs have high expectations, but the players’ skills are not meeting them. Most of the players who are interested are not participating.

It is pointed out that there is a high possibility that this process will be repeated in the future. Now is the time to seriously consider whether to continue the tryout.

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