Ace Ji So-yeon – Bull Choi Yu-ri ‘We are like Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan’

The women’s soccer team is in full swing in Ulsan ahead of the Australia-New Zealand World Cup in July.

Ace Ji So-yeon, women’s soccer bull Choi Yu-ri, and other national teams with powerful offense are looking forward to advancing to the round of 16 and beyond.

Reporter Junhee Lee reports.


Colin Bell’s ‘high-intensity’ training continued on the second day of the convocation.

In the middle of a mini-game where they constantly pass and pass in a small space, the voice of director Bell, who seems more familiar with Korean now, is getting louder and louder.

[“Concentration! Guys, think quickly. Judge quickly.”]

Coach Bell is preparing for the World Cup with fast and aggressive football, enough to pick 9 strikers in this call-up.

The core of the attack is also the ace Ji So-yeon.

His will toward the round of 16 is strong enough that he even underwent ankle surgery early to be with him from his first training session. [ Soundbite 스포츠토토

] Ji So-yeon(National Women’s Soccer Team) : “I want to go as high as possible, and I’m working hard on the women’s team so that they can advance to the round of 16 like the men’s team.”

There is Choi Yuri who is called a bull.

Last year, he won the WK League’s first best striker award, and recently emerged as a new solver with 4 goals in 8 A matches.

[Soundbite] Choi Yu-ri/Women’s National Football Team : “I think we need to improve on scoring more points and scoring more accurately.”

Chun Gar-ram, the ‘Messi’ who can break through the opponent’s defense with quick feet, and Park Eun-seon, a veteran of 182cm tall, also have offensive skills. are giving strength to

Advocating attacking football that does not back down, Colin Bell Ho began his challenge for the round of 16 and beyond.

This is Lee Jun-hee from KBS News.

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