‘A weak body?’ Hanyang University also has 2 consecutive victories after 10 years

Hanyang University also had two consecutive victories in the opening season. Even if the luck of the game schedule followed, it is clear that it is a pleasant start.

Hanyang University defeated Chosun University 82-62 in the opening game, followed by Dankook University 60-58.

Even before the start of the season, Chosun University, Sangmyung University, and Myongji University, which were among the top 3 last year, and Hanyang University, which were unfortunately eliminated from the playoffs, were also considered candidates for the playoffs this year.

Myongji University won two consecutive wins in 10 years. On the other hand, Kyung Hee University lost 2 consecutive losses for the first time in the college basketball league that started in 2010.

As if Hanyang University inherited the momentum of Myongji University, it also tied for first place with two consecutive wins in 10 years since 2013.

Conversely, Dankook University suffered two consecutive losses, the third in the team’s career, following 2013 and 2022.

It’s fun when expectations go wrong. Now that all 12 men’s colleges have played two games each, things are going more interesting than ever.

Hanyang University coach Jeong Jae-hoon said in a phone call on the 23rd, “The game yesterday (22nd) was important in our group. The process and content are not good, but the atmosphere is good because we won. There are many games left. “I have to do more,” he said. “Neither Chosun University nor Dankook University were good at defending against people. When I was standing in the area defense, the opponent didn’t break it well. It suited the local defense well,” he said, explaining the secret of his two-game winning streak. 메이저사이트

“We have to do our best while considering each game as important. Then you should see the results. The atmosphere is good and we have to make sure that the good atmosphere continues,” he said. “The atmosphere in which the second and third graders want to work hard is good, but the third grader should play the role of holding the center when it is difficult because there are no senior fourth graders, but that does not come out. I believe it will get better,” he added, adding that he needs to improve in the future.

Even though he is a sophomore, it is helpful for Park Min-jae, who belatedly participated in the college stage for the first time due to an injury, in his streak of outside grapes.

Head coach Jeong Jae-hoon said, “Since high school, he has a good sense of shooting and knows how to shoot while watching the defense. He wished he had only completed winter training without injury, but he did so without injury. He has good skills, but he is doing it with confidence.”

Hanyang University faced Korea University in the third game of the season 10 years ago and lost 62-83. This time, on the 27th, we will play against Korea University. Even the away matches are the same.

Since Hanyang University won 99-90 against Korea University in 2011, they have not been able to laugh for 17 consecutive games.

It is clear that Hanyang University had a good start to advance to the playoffs again, even if it could not overcome the wall of Korea University, which is aiming to win by all means.

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