A cut with Blackpink… Happy Macron Federer Neymar

The popularity of girl group BLACKPINK is taking Europe by storm. At the charity concert, not only French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, but also ‘Tennis Emperor’ Roger Federer (Switzerland) and soccer star Neymar 스포츠토토(Brazil) were warmly welcomed.

On the 28th (Korean time), Federer revealed a picture taken with the four members of Black Pink and introduced, “My kids said that I should upload this picture on Instagram.” It is said that the children of Federer, a world-class player, told his father that ‘Black Pink is so famous that you must post it on Instagram’.

BLACKPINK is currently on a world tour touring North America, Europe, and Oceania, and the place where they took pictures with Federer is Paris, France. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on its Internet homepage that day, “Federer and Blackpink met at a charity concert held at the Zenith Theater in Paris, France last week.” It was hosted by a charitable organization known as

President Macron and his wife also attended the charity concert that day and took commemorative photos with Blackpink members. Macron also appeared at Blackpink’s concert hall in Paris last December. Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar also took a friendly photo with BLACKPINK member Lisa. It is said that Neymar is a fan of Blackpink enough to share the Blackpink song ‘Pink Venom’ on his Twitter account in September of last year.

However, President Macron is being hit by public opinion in relation to the photo of this charity event. This is because President Macron has acted as a ‘photographer’ for Blackpink and American pop star Pharrell Williams. Alexandre Arnault, vice president of jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., posted a photo of Williams with Blackpink members on social media. But the person taking the picture was President Macron.

Currently, in a situation where protests against the government’s pension reform continue throughout France, French people have reacted negatively to President Macron, saying, “He is leisurely taking pictures.”

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