’16 (T) KO wins!’ The fight against UFC champ Nori Rahmonov and Park Jun-yong was the toughest fight of my career!

“The match against Korean Turtle Park Jun-yong was the toughest match in my career.”

Shavkat Rakhmonov, a 28-year-old fighter from Kazakhstan, is a super-powered fighter who is on the verge of becoming the next UFC welterweight champion. He is regarded as an impeccable fighter, with his record of 16 victories, 8 by KO and 8 by submission.

He is a fighter who has all the elements required of MMA, such as strength, technique, punching and grappling. Rahmonov will compete in UFC 285 to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 5th and face Jeff Neil, who is ranked 7th. Rachmanov’s ranking is ninth.

If Rachmonov beats Neil in this match, the title shot is expected to come into sight. The current UFC welterweight champion is Lear Edwards.

Even Korean fans are familiar with Rachmonov, who has powerful skills. At ‘KZMMAF: Battle of Nomads 9’ held in Hwasun, Jeollanam-do in 2016, Rachmonov fist-fisted current UFC middleweight fighter Joon-yong Park of South Korea in a 175-pound contract weight match.

In this match, Rahmonov won with a rear naked choke submission in 1 minute and 51 seconds of the second round. In a recent interview with this magazine카지노, Rachmonov said, “Park Jun-yong was a good opponent. The match against Park Jun-yong was hard enough to say that it was one of the toughest matches in my career.”

Now, Rahmonov has become a star in the welterweight division and Park Jun-yong in the middleweight division. An exclusive interview with Rahmonov, who is constantly advancing toward the future.

– What was the most memorable thing about your visit to Korea?
I was very impressed with the way the city, buildings, and roads were created. Everything seemed to be of a high standard.

– Have you ever seen Choi Seung-woo at Killcliff FC?
does not exist. I know him, but I’ve never seen him at the gym.

– Many players, including Yoo Soo-young and Seo Ye-dam, are playing for Naiza FC, a Kazakhstani organization. Your sister, Sora Rahmonova, also plays there. I wonder what the level of Naiza FC is.
Naiza FC is Kazakhstan’s premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organization. Currently, it is becoming more and more popular worldwide, and the group ranking is also rising. These days, Korean fighters are also showing good performance in Naiza FC. My brother is also showing good results and will have a title fight soon.

– Fighting Jeff Neil this weekend. What do you think of Neil as a fighter?
he is a good fighter It will be decided in the Octagon who is the better fighter. You’ll find out in time.

– Overwhelmed Neil Magny, who is good at grappling, in the grappling area. Neil is a striker. He is curious about the strategy.
Every opponent needs an individual approach. But I can’t say my hitting was any worse than Jeff Neil’s. Let’s see what happens.

– What do you think the game will look like?
I’m not sure. It will depend on Jeff Neil’s approach. It will also depend on my approach. I think it will be a very exciting and wonderful match.

– Many people think you will be the next welterweight champion. When is the title shot possible?
Time will tell. The most important thing is that I have to beat Jeff Neil first. After that, maybe if I win one or two more games, I can get a title shot.

– Do you have any plans to compete with Hamzat Chimaev for the best?
I don’t care who my opponent will be. If he stays at welterweight, we’re close to each other in the rankings. That is why, if this match is promoted, I will fight him.

-Lastly, please say hello to your Korean fans.
I wish all Korean fans who support me and support Korean fighters good health. Thank you for watching our match, and thank you for cheering us on.

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