‘10,000 won case’ resignation all-star game… 5 Lotte Legends welcomed you

The KBO All-Star Game, which returned to Sajik Stadium in Busan after a long time, was sold out.

Ahead of the All-Star Game, which starts at 6:00 p.m. on the 15th, the KBO said, “As of 4:11 p.m., all 22,990 seats at Sajik Stadium are sold out. This is the second year in a row and the 22nd sold out of all time.”

The most recent All-Star game held at Sajik Stadium dates back to 2007. At that time, all 30,000 seats were sold.온라인바카라

Sajik Stadium was full of energy from early in the morning for the All-Star Game, which returned to ‘Gudo Busan’. Fans who brought their own uniforms started talking in the central plaza, and the surrounding commercial districts were already crowded.

The weather also followed. It has been raining continuously lately, but on this day, it only rained once. At the same time, the pre-event Summer Race, another fun of the All-Star Game, was held safely. In the Summer Race, a modified relay race in which players and fans come together as a team, the home team, the Lotte Giants, won the championship and received a lot of applause.

Significant events took place one after another. To commemorate the end of Corona 19, the full crowd sang the national anthem together.

In addition, ahead of the play ball, all-time Lotte former Mr. All-Stars Kim Yong-hee, Heo Gyu-ok, Kim Min-ho, Kim Eung-guk, and Jeon Jun-woo pitched together. Excluding active player Jeon Jun-woo, the four legends met Lotte fans in a long-awaited visit to Sajik Stadium. In addition, Park Se-woong, Kim Won-joong, Han Dong-hee, Kim Min-seok, and Yoo Gang-nam, who are currently active at Lotte, added meaning by receiving the ball directly.

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